Loxy is a leading name in the clothing and textile industry, devoted to developing quality safety solutions related to the production of work wear, sportswear, outdoor and fashion wear.   Sto-Nor produces seam sealing tape, reflective tape and a variety of reflective accessories for major manufacturers around the world. For more information, contact a representative today.
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Loxy Seam Sealing Machine

Our Seam Sealing Machine HA – 830A can easily be used on all thicknesses of PVC, PU, nylon and neoprene materials. It can also be used for the taping of shoes and other equipment.

Loxy® Seam Sealing Tape - True Moisture Control for Every Garment. Read more here

The Seam Sealing Machine HA-830A is easy to operate as it is fitted with an advanced control system for temperature, speed and pressure. Features include RPM indicator, hot air pressure gauge, lightening push button, mould test switch and reverse button. The machine is designed so that the delivery roller and up/down roller can be moved simultaneously. This feature helps to prevent tape jam.

The Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine HA-830A uses an easily adjustable, powerful and energy efficient 1500W heater, useful for sealing raincoats requiring high temperature.

Loxy Seam Sealing Machine & Seam Sealing TapePower requirements:     AC 220V, 380V, IØ, 60Hz/ 50Hz
Compressed air:     60 PSI (min)
Air consumption:     3 CFM (max)
Sealing speed:     6,6 m/minute - 12m/minute (optional)
Max. sealing temperature:     750 C
Heater:     AC 110V, 1500W
Upper roller lift:     25mm
Method of operation:     2-stage foot pedal
Pressing roller width:     25mm standard (optional)
Working table dimension:     1395mm x 510mm
Measurement:     1360mm (L) x 760mm (W) x 1670 mm (H)
Weight:     140kg net.

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Loxy® Seam Sealing Tape - True Moisture Control for Every Garment. Read more here

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