Loxy is a leading name in the clothing and textile industry, devoted to developing quality safety solutions related to the production of work wear, sportswear, outdoor and fashion wear.   Sto-Nor produces seam sealing tape, reflective tape and a variety of reflective accessories for major manufacturers around the world. For more information, contact a representative today.

Loxy® Quality Works

Safety & Sealing Solutions

For more than 40 years, Sto-Nor and Loxy® have led the garment industry in safety and visibility solutions.  Only through research and innovative design in reflective tape, technical film, bonding film and seam sealing tape have we been able to stand true to our mission of delivering quality through environmentally responsible operations and ethical production values.

Loxy® delivers the ultimate solution in safety for the garment industry, whether it's light or heavy duty work wear, sports gear, professional and tactical gear or safety wear for rescue personnel.  We consistently develop and reimagine reliable products in seam sealing tape, reflective materials and bonding films to set the standard for our industry.  When quality and safety cannot be compromised, and lives count on performance, Loxy® stands behind your brand.

  • We use only quality raw materials to produce the highest quality tapes and bonding agents
  • R&D is our 2nd love (family is 1st) so we always invest in superior equipment & product delivery
  • Ongoing QAP helps analyze operations and production quality world wide
  • We train & certify every vendor on bringing out machines into the production line
  • Every product carries multiple certifications including Bluesign®

Our success starts with our ability to apply innovative technology and practices to meet the needs of your customers, filling the need for quality products that out-perform and exceed expectations.

You can make work, play and life easier for your customers.


Our Loxy®Lite reflective trim line consists of our various grades of reflective tape as well as our well-known line of reflective accessories.

Major garment producers around the world trust their brand recognition, safety, visibility and customer satisfaction to the fashionable and innovative designs of our Loxy®Lite product line.

Fashion, sportswear, work wear, safety gear, military duty and tactical clothing and more benefit from our zippers, patches, plotted logos, tapes, piping, fabrics, screen-printing and more.


Our Loxy® brand seam sealing tapes offer maximum moisture protection and vapor barriers.

No other product line in the garment industry offers the same durability and wash ability without loss of performance.

approved with the perfect finish and environmentally sound - our seam sealing tape always performs.  Outdoor wear, military application, marine use, rain wear, hazmat application and more.

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