Loxy is a leading name in the clothing and textile industry, devoted to developing quality safety solutions related to the production of work wear, sportswear, outdoor and fashion wear.   Sto-Nor produces seam sealing tape, reflective tape and a variety of reflective accessories for major manufacturers around the world. For more information, contact a representative today.
Seam Sealing Tape
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Seam Sealing Tape

Loxy® Seam Sealing Tape - True Moisture Control for Every Garment

Typical water proof sports wear and safety garments come together in pieces, and that makes seams and stitching an essential aspect of the production process.  No matter the quality of the material or the stitch, you still have a seam that compromises the integrity of the garment.  A seam and a needle hole may be small, but without quality seam sealing tape you still lose the water and liquid protection properties of the fabric - the garment will leak.

Loxy® Seam Sealing Tape gives you the quality, long-lasting seal your garments need so your customers can stay dry.  With Loxy® Seam Seal Tape garment manufacturers get:

•    A smooth finish that blends well with the garments
•    Bluesign approved quality
•    Superior elasticity to stand up to washing, tumble dry & dry cleaning
•    Fine film layer adhesive allowing for even adhesion
•    Highly adhesive & durable tapes with low hot-melt viscosity
•    The right tape for the right garment, every time

It's a Wet World - Seam Sealing Tape Is the Solution

Loxy® Seam Sealing Tape is an adhesive tape used to prevent humidity and water from seeping into the inner layers of a garment so the body stays dry.  That means seam sealing tape can be applied for any environment, whether it's a trek through a rain forest or a fight against the waves on a deep-sea fishing vessel.  Loxy® Seam Seal tape is ideal for and commonly applied on:

•    Outdoor Gear (Skiing, hiking, climbing, marine & fishing gear, etc.)
•    Sports wear
•    Boots & other foot wear
•    Tents, Backpacks and Baggage
•    Diving Suits
•    Military Gear
•    Hazardous Material Suits

Loxy® Seam Sealing Tape

Sto-Nor is proud to partner with some of the leading garment manufacturers, providing water-protection to the private and government sector on a global level.  With our Loxy product line we offer a range of seam sealing tapes to garment manufacturers that includes single, two and three layer seam sealing tape.  The varieties offered make it easy to meet to most challenging adhesion requirements of our customers

Single Layer Seam Sealing Tape
Single layer seam sealing tape is ideal for PVC and PU rain garments that are manufactured by high-frequency welding and seam sealing machines

2 Layer Seam Sealing Tape
2 layer seam sealing tape is applied over previously sewn seams to prevent water transfer and air through stitch holes.  2 layer is commonly used when seam sealing is performed directly on the waterproof membrane.

3 Layer Seam Sealing Tape
3 layer seam sealing tape is designed for thick or heavy duty fabrics.  It's most appropriate for heavy work related industries including fire protection, chemical protection, military, medical, automotive and dry suits/wet suits.

Working with Loxy gets you setup for success.  We provide our partners with complete training and assistance with seam sealing machine setup you can quickly and flawlessly integrate our Bluesign approved seam seal tape to your own production lines.

Guaranteed to Keep Your Customers Dry

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Seam Sealing Machine
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Loxy Seam Sealing Tape - 3060-50  | The Ultimate Waterproofing Solution for Garments
Seam Sealing Tape - 3060-50
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Loxy  Seam Sealing Tape - 3060-80  | The Ultimate Waterproofing Solution for Garments
Seam Sealing Tape - 3060-80
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Loxy  Seam Sealing Tape - 3060  | The Ultimate Waterproofing Solution for Garments
Seam Sealing Tape - 3060
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Loxy  Seam Sealing Tape - 3061  | The Ultimate Waterproofing Solution for Garments
Seam Sealing Tape - 3061
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Loxy  Seam Sealing Tape - 3062  | The Ultimate Waterproofing Solution for Garments
Seam Sealing Tape - 3062
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